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    SubSummary with Zeros



      SubSummary with Zeros


      Hi again,

      Back with another question/problem. I have a solution that kicks out reports that are grouped by "Age Range", "Defaults", and the count of defaults. 

      Under defaults it lists "Default, Default +1, Default +2, ... Default Over 14, and others" 

      Something like this: 

      Under 30

                 Default +1              1

                 Default + 5             7

      Total                                  8


      My problem is that I need to include everything so it looks like this


      Under 30

                 Default                0

                 Default + 1          1

                 Default + 2          0

                 Default + 3          0


      I have one table, Many fields. This report thought is based on 2 main calculations to get the default information that summary is based on. Any help would be much appreciated thanks. Also if there is additional information you need to help me better please let me know. This is the last thing I need to do to finish this report. Thank you!




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          Presumably, you are counting records in this summary report. If there are no records in a particular category, there are no records to group to produce the needed sub summary layout part.

          You might want to consider setting up a table with one record for each possible group of records that you are counting. Your summary layout would be based on this new table with the subsummary part shown for these values replaced with the body layout part. You'd then use a relationship match to the current table and a calculation field that uses count to count the records (or an ExecuteSQL calculation field could produce the same count--especially if you need to filter your set of records to count to a subset of all the records in the table.)