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Subtract days/weeks/months from the timestamp?

Question asked by jared944 on Feb 21, 2012
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Subtract days/weeks/months from the timestamp?


Hello everyone,


I have two keyfields with seperate value lists. The first drop-down list is a set of numbers 1-50. The second list is set of terms : "hour(s), day(s), weeks(s), month(s), and year(s)." The combination of these two fields would be read as "2 hour(s)" or "21 year(s)"

If at all possible, i would like to create a script that would subtract that result from the current date. So, if "2 days" was input, it would record 2/19/2012 (with today being 2/21/2012).

Im fairly new to filemaker and have no idea how to begin to think about this. Any ideas?