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Subtracting raw Inventory when finished good created

Question asked by TJ_1 on Aug 20, 2012
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Subtracting raw Inventory when finished good created


Hello All

I have a newbee question. FM 12


I have begun using starter solutions Inventory template from FM12 to keep track of my inventory and have imported all my raw inventory into the database.


Good so far.


Now I want the parts used to build the product subtracted from raw inventory at the end of the day when x number of products are built for that day.


Example Inventory is A) wheels B) body chassis and C)logo sticker


Each day x number of the finished product are taken from inventory to build the product.


To build one finished product(a little red wagon) I need

4 wheels

1 body chassis

2 logo stickers


My thought is to create a new layout where the finished product for that day can be input which in turn is tied to a script that says:


5 number of wagons were made today so go into stock transactions in each effected raw inventory and record 

(5 x 4) 20 wheels subtracted

(5 x 1) 5 body chassis subtracted

(5 x 2) 10 logo stickers subtracted


I this easy to do?  Is there a script example I can follow to do this?

Again I am using the Starter Solutions “Inventory” template (located in Business- People & Assets)and imagine I would use the “Stock Transactions” field “Out” to subtract the raw inventory form each of the records.


Thank you in advance