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    Subtracting raw Inventory when finished good created



      Subtracting raw Inventory when finished good created


      Hello All

      I have a newbee question. FM 12


      I have begun using starter solutions Inventory template from FM12 to keep track of my inventory and have imported all my raw inventory into the database.


      Good so far.


      Now I want the parts used to build the product subtracted from raw inventory at the end of the day when x number of products are built for that day.


      Example Inventory is A) wheels B) body chassis and C)logo sticker


      Each day x number of the finished product are taken from inventory to build the product.


      To build one finished product(a little red wagon) I need

      4 wheels

      1 body chassis

      2 logo stickers


      My thought is to create a new layout where the finished product for that day can be input which in turn is tied to a script that says:


      5 number of wagons were made today so go into stock transactions in each effected raw inventory and record 

      (5 x 4) 20 wheels subtracted

      (5 x 1) 5 body chassis subtracted

      (5 x 2) 10 logo stickers subtracted


      I this easy to do?  Is there a script example I can follow to do this?

      Again I am using the Starter Solutions “Inventory” template (located in Business- People & Assets)and imagine I would use the “Stock Transactions” field “Out” to subtract the raw inventory form each of the records.


      Thank you in advance

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          You'll need some additional tables and relationships in order to manage production as well as to update inventory.

          You'll need what's known as a BOM--a bill of materials. This will be a related table linked to each inventory item that is a manufactured item. The related records need to list the ID's and the quantities to produce one unit of product (One little red wagon in your example).

          Then you'll need a table that logs your production runs--On shift A of 08/20/2012, produced 300 little red wagons.

          Then a script can use the BOM for the Little Red wagon inventory item to generate the needed transaction records to put 300 little red wagons into inventory and to remove the needed quantities of materials from inventory.

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            Thank you for the reply