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Subtracting subsummary Min from subsummary Max

Question asked by michel_1 on Jan 20, 2010
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Subtracting subsummary Min from subsummary Max


I am rusty with databases and need some help.  I have a file with student test scores and want to know the range (in the sense of the difference between the maximum and minimum scores) when sorting by teacher.  I created a subsummary and when I sort by teacher can see the maximum and minimum.  Great.  But how do I subtract them from each other in the subsummary? 


I thought I could do this with GetSummary(Max;Class)-GetSummary(Min;Class).  This worked in a smaller simpler file, but not in my real file.  I just get a blank field in the summary.  The only difference that I can see between the two is that my sort field "class" is coming from a related table.  I set up a "class" field in the student table with a calculation to see if this would solve the problem, but still it is blank.


Is there something I am missing?  Is there an easier way? I apologize if this is obviously simple, but I am stumped.  THANKS!