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subtracting years

Question asked by imgaryshap on Dec 20, 2009
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subtracting years


Hello - I use FMP 8 on a mac.


I have a script that prompts the user to insert dates for a search.


those dates are incorporated into the required fields (pending the sort) for which the user wants to get information.


One of my set ups is a chart that incorporates a per year analysis.


for example.


If the user types in 6/1/09 and 8/31/09, all the records will show for 2009 for those three months.


i also want the records for  6/1/08 thru 8/31/08 to show up as well in order to compare and contrast.


what is a calculation/funtion for dates so in my script it will automaticall insert a date that is one year before the user input date in my find?


this is probably simple, but i'm having trouble getting this to work.