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Succesive Portals Issue

Question asked by tsampazis on Dec 22, 2013
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Succesive Portals Issue


     I set up a patients'  records database for my private practice, largely based on the two (or more) portal rows trick (thanks to Guy Stevens amazing video tutorial). This immensly helped me to organise different GROUPSof attendances (presented in the 1st portal) i.e gyne related, Gestation related, urology related ect. to corresponding LISTS of attendances presented in a 2nd portal. Each set of attendances is displayed in the 2nd portal by selecting the appropriate portal row in the 1st portal.

     My problem is that, I cannot find a way to have the value of the Date-field "Last Menstrual Period" from a SELECTED portal row (in the 1st portal) automatically copied to another date-field (in the second portal), in the matched set of records(portal rows).  This would allow me to make date calculations for each portal row / gestation attendance; each attendance obviously has a different Date of occurence but all are  based on the "Last Menstrual Period" (unique for the particular "Gestation" in the 1st portal row). Otherwise  I would have to manually enter the same value of the "Last Menstrual Period" each time an attendance entry (for the particular gestation) occurs, which is kind of annoying.

     For the available functions I used I noticed that, filemaker uses the value of the 1st record (in the 1st portal) and not the one of the selected record / portal row. How can I work this out?