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Suggestion needed on a survey application

Question asked by mwtse on Jan 12, 2010
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Suggestion needed on a survey application


Dear all,


  I'm going to do a survey by FMP but could not figure out how I should proceed.


  The database table I have on hand is like the following:


  The fields are: icecream, cake, chocolate, candy ... , firstname, choice1, choice2, choice3


  The icecream etc. fields are numbers from 1 to 3 or empty, indicating the favorite choice. I want to automatically fill in the fields choice1, choice2 and choice3 with the field names. i.e. if Mary like cake the most, there will be a "1" in her "cake" field, and I want to fill her "choice1" field with the word "cake".


  I've tried to use object triggered scripts, but could not figure out how to get the content of the triggering field. It always said that "self" function could not be used.


  I'm also considering to write a script to loop through all the records to examine each field, but do not know how to handle the list of fields except hardcode all the field names.


 I'll be very appreciated if anyone could tell me the name of function I needed to study or point me to some similar cases (where loop through some fields of a record is used). 


  Thank you!