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Suggestions for FMP13 solution

Question asked by dvds802 on Apr 6, 2014
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Suggestions for FMP13 solution


     Hello.  I've been tasked with getting FMP13 and FMS13 up and running for one of our departments.  They will be using the Filemaker Go app with iPads as well.  Since I'm relatively new to Filemaker, I decided to get myself more familiarized with the products.  The server product was relatively easy to get up and running.  I then downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad and found it easy to connect to the server and view remote databases.  Now comes the hard part, trying to build a proof of concept database.  I thought it would be an interesting project to build a database that tracked equipment that is assigned to our employees and make it a paperless workflow by deploying the application via FM Go, including signature capture for both the employee and their direct supervisor acknowledging receipt of the items.  The completed form would then be emailed in PDF format to the employee, supervisor and HR department to be placed in their employee file.  Here are the tables I envision:





     Where I get a little lost is this: how do I go about handling details about the items being issued when they have different metadata sets?  For instance, for a laptop I would want to track make, model, and serial number.  These same attributes would apply to most other electronics.  However, if we are issuing safety equipment or uniforms, I might not be tracking those same attributes.  Does that make sense?  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

     Much appreciated!