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Suggestions for working with API via FileMaker and PHP

Question asked by ScottWalker on Aug 4, 2015
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Suggestions for working with API via FileMaker and PHP


Hello -

I have an upcoming need for a way to post data from FileMaker to an online tool and then store the results back in the database. The online tool has an API that can be interacted with via PHP scripts. I do not know PHP, but I do have some programming experience and the API documentation has clear model scripts to work with. Here is how I imagine this working

- User runs script from FileMaker to create code for PHP script with data from a record in the database

- PHP script runs to submit data to the API

- API responses are fed back to FileMaker for further steps. The responses will include success/error messages as well as PDF files, which is the end result of the web tool.

What is the best way to do this? Currently, our files are hosted by a service - we do not have our own FileMaker Server license. I know that FM Server has some PHP capabilities. Do I need to have that to do something like this? Is this sort of thing possible using Insert from URL or web viewers? Any suggestions are welcome.