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Suggestions on best approach attendance sheet

Question asked by PrisonProfessor on Jan 2, 2014
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Suggestions on best approach attendance sheet


     Trudging along in overall dB development. The next big tasks is Keeping attendance weekly and than a history

     I envision something similar to what I'm currently doing in a spreadsheet. 

     Header portion will have Class start and end dates, class name & code, class text, facility location and sponsor name. This data is already in an existing table HistorySOCPMClasses with a few assertional fields related to student counts for begin & end number of students and counts for students; added, removed, transferred, paroled, dropped (removed is not a sum of last 3 but an independent count.

     A sub heading would be assigned to each class session; date, session number & topic

     Summary would have a sum of all the above counts for each weekly class and a sum of all those counts

     The actual body would be a record for each student enrolled and his status for each class which can be anywhere from 4 to 20 occurrences the fields would be student Id, Last Name First Name (this info is in a table called ProfileStudents.

     For each student for each week of class would be a status field of P, X, T, R, D in short it be a matrix 30 x 12 if I had 20 students in a class that lasted 12 weeks. 


     It is this matrix portion that is my biggest challenge. I’m thinking a portal for each student and his record of attendance but how to best incorporate the matrix into  a portal that already has a column in place for al weeks. All I need to do is fill in the students status for the week.

     I hope this is clear appreciate any suggestions the more detail the better as I’m not no where near a skilled FM Pro developer