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    Suggestions on Handling Quotes



      Suggestions on Handling Quotes


      Whats the best way to handle quotes for people who are not your customers(at least not at the time of call).

      I only want to add them to my customer dbase after quote is accepted...but on other hand still keep those who call for quotes for future marketing.

      In other words not cluttering up my customer dbase with bunch of dead beats.


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          I'd go ahead and add them to the database, but use a status field of some sort to identify those that have not actually placed an order with you. Then you can use finds, sorts, portal filters etc. to keep them from "cluttering things up". You can even include a date  field that you can use to purge the records after a specified period of time has elapsed without them actually making a purchase.

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            Thanks Phil, Great input.

            How is that Date Field managed in order to Purge...is that automated some how?


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              It can be if you want it to be.

              Set up a date field to auto-enter the creation date. Then you can write a script that runs either everytime the file is opened or everytime it is closed that performs a find for contact records where the status field still indicates that no order was ever placed and the date in this date field is, say 30 or more days old.

              Enter Find Mode[]
              Set field [Contacts::Status ; "New"]
              Set Field [Contacts::DateCreated ; "< " & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 30 ]
              Set Error Capture [on]
              If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 ]
                  Delete All Records
              End IF

              I use a similar strategy to purge old "deleted" records. I put a "delete" button on the layout, that doesn't actually delete the record. It doesn't actually delete the record, it just changes a status field to "delete". Since this record isn't really deleted, I can "undelete" it simply by finding it and changing its status field. After record with status "delete" is more than 30 days old, a script like the above one deletes it.

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                Hi Jay,

                These people are generally referred to as "Prospects" as in "Prospective Customers". Recommend you add the to the customer database but with this status field.  That way, if they do turn into a customer, all you have to do is change the status field. 

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                  Hello Nigel, Prospects would be a good definition for such ones. Thanks for the suggestion.