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Suitability for applications with 10-50 users

Question asked by user24844 on Feb 19, 2015
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Suitability for applications with 10-50 users


Hi All,

I've pretty much decided to use Filemaker to develop and application for one of the clubs I belong to.  But before I do I just wondered what peoples views are about using Filemaker as a development tool for departments of 20-50 users, the application will have a lot of forms and a few reports.

I used to be a full time developer, and have been looking for a form based development system so I do not have to go through the pain of learning MVC etc.  So I am comfortable with developing, just not in Filemaker and I can't see what the underlying technology is (from a database perspective) so I'm finding it hard to judge its suitability for this type of application.  The users are Mac and Windows.

Also is there any developer license support on the product or do I have to purchase a full copy?