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    SUM (I get get this to work)



      SUM (I get get this to work)


      this is so simple, but I can't seem to make it work!


      Table = Product

      Field = Inventory_QTY this is received inventory placed in a warehouse location

      We receive inventory and place it in an empty location in the warehouse. therefore we may have the same SKU number in multiple locations. i need to know how many total for that SKU#

      We have a SKU number field = SKU

      I made a relationship = Product Self_SKU#

      I made a field called = Amount_in_stock  = calculating field , calculating result is Number

      The function is: Sum (Product Self_SKU#::Inventory_Qty)

      I know I'm probably doing something stupid, can you help?

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          Since this is apparently a self join relationship--a relationship linking two occurrences of the same table, double check the "context" setting, something that you select from a drop down at the top of your specify calculations dialog, to make sure that it specifies the correct table occurrence from the two that make up your self join.