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Sum (if) based on multiple conditions

Question asked by NataliePiguet on Jul 7, 2014
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Sum (if) based on multiple conditions


     Hi Gents

     I am trying to make a cash flow database for my business and I am new to use FM.

     I have one table in which I am saving all purchases i.e.:

     Unique ID, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Supplier Name, Invoice Value, Type of Expense

     I am also trying to make a yearly report where I can display a summary of all expenses in a table, i.e.: the column names are months and rows are types of expenses, like: Tools, Materials, Equipment. So in theory, I want to have 3 rows 12 columns each of data. Now I assume I need a summary field in my table which will do the calculation. I have been doing a little bit of Visual Basic in it's time years ago on a PC, so i tried to play with the functions and read help files but didn't get far.

     If any of you kindly could explain what function I need to calculate how much I have spent for let's say Tools in January I would really appreciate. So a function is needed to look up all invoices with date containing January as month and Type Of Expense "Tools".

     Now it would be great to have a drop down list with years somewhere aside so I view the spending for each year ;)

     I know I am probably asking much.

     Any help would be really appreciated.

     Thank you

     Nat x