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    Sum 2 Fields...???



      Sum 2 Fields...???



      i want in a field to sum 2 fields... 







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          Hi Ians,


          Edit the sum field and click the "Calculated value" checkbox.  Then enter the desired formula (e.g. Field_1 + Field_2 )


          P.S. Make sure that the sum field is type Number 

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            yes...but do you know the process step by step... 

             Because, i dont know how i  do...thanks...!!!!




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              OK… Have you already defined a table and the 3 fields (the two fields that you want to add and the sum field) ?


              If yes,


              • choose Manage>Database… from the File Menu

              • click the "Fields" tab at the top

              • select the table from the drop-down menu at the top left  

              • double click the sum field to edit it 

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                wait i minute...

                i have two fields (Price by weight and price by service), and i have one field (Price) that i want to sum two fields.

                i know how to do if i want one field but for two fields...i dont know.

                 are you sure this is the solution?


                 thanks for your time my friend...!!!


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                  I suspect that you mean something other than just "sum".  Adding Price_by_weight to Price_by_service does not make too much sense (at least to me).  Is there something else that enters in your calculation?  Can you put this in a mathematical statement?  


                  Or do you simply want the sum:

                  Price = Price_by_weight + Price_by_service 

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                    this is i want "sum: Price = Price_by_weight + Price_by_service" ...but i can not put in calculation...


                     i am sure that it has some way...

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                      You can add a fourth field of type Summary that will add all Price across multiple records.  Is this what you want?


                      If yes, look at the topic "Defining summary fields" in the FileMaker Help (Help menu) for details. 


                      Also look at the topic "Sum function" in the FileMaker Help (Help menu). 

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                        i read the help menu...but i can not understand...because the examples are not specific...






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                          Try this:-


                          • Choose Manage>Database… from the File menu

                          • Click the Fields tab at the top

                          • Select your table name from the drop-down menu at the top left

                          • Create a new field called "Summary" with the type Summary

                          • Choose "Total of" and then select "Price" from the Available Fields list and the click OK.


                          Add the "Summary" field to your layout.  The "Summary" field should now display the total of all the "Price" values in the found set of records.


                          Is this what you want? 


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                            no...because this solutionis only for one field....but for two...???   :\




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                              My girlfriend found the solution...by accident...!!!   :):):)

                              the solution is...create a center field type calculation and write inside "Sum (field1; field2)"...an calculate for each record and not for all as the summary type...!!!

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                                   or you could simply enter field1 + field2