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Sum by Company

Question asked by illbe on Dec 15, 2010
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Sum by Company


Hi all,

I have a cutomer table with the normal stuff (firstName, lastName, etc.), each customer has a unique ID, I also have a related table (by customerID) of purchases by the customer (one customer - many purchases). The purchases are from 4 different companies (A,B,C,D for simplicity). I have a layout with the customer info and a portal showing purchases from the related table, I would like to show the total amount the customer purchased by each company (Company A - $400, Company B - $600 etc.). I have no idea how to write this calculation for each of 4 company total fields. Any help would be appreciated, I have gotten to a point where I can't even think straight anymore. I'm sure FM offers a simple solution, I think I am over thinking it.

Thanks in advance