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Sum Count of Related Records

Question asked by sccardais on Oct 25, 2014
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Sum Count of Related Records


I want to show the number of Support Tickets received from each customer. Customers are in a table "ORGs". Support Tickets are in a table "Support_Tix). They are related with a match field "OrgID."

I created a sub summary report in ORGs showing records from Support_Tix. (Support_Tix is an exteral source file to ORGs)

The leading sub summary part contains the match field (OrgID) from Support_Tix, the Org Name from ORGs and a calculation field (CountRelatedSupportTix) in ORGS to count the number of related records (Support Tickets) in Support_Tix. The calculation is Count(SUPPORT_TIX::OrgID)

A trailing sub summary contains a summary field SummaryRelatedSupportTix that is a Total of CountRelatedSupportTix. This is the field that I want to sum the count of related records but at the moment, it's only showing the value of the bottom row in each sub summary section.