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Sum formula using conditional formatting

Question asked by theaudone on Apr 8, 2015
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Sum formula using conditional formatting



I'm hoping someone can help me write this formula using conditional formatting. I have gotten this working great using an unstored calculation field, but I would like to store the data, not generate it on the fly, so I've changed my data type to 'number' and I'm trying to now perform the same Sum using conditional formatting.

I have a parent and child tables and I want to store the Sum on the parent, the data comes from the child records on a portal. There is a one to many relationship from parent to child, the child table will have at least 5 rows of points that I want to Sum and store in the total points on the parent. Like this:



Sum_total_rating_points (number)





rating_points_field (number)


I already have conditional formatting applied to show colors for the rating points that are chosen. Now I want to add in the formula to have the Sum fall into these ranges, and I'm confused as to how to do this. Do I change each formatting row from Value is to Formula is and define a Sum there? Thanks in advance...