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Sum Listed values in field issue

Question asked by paolobkk on Feb 1, 2015
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Sum Listed values in field issue


Hi everyone,

I have a text field with multiple values to record every time a user input a quantity number in a warehouse.

The field records just a history line (+20-10+15-5+12....).

I need to sum up all these values and I've managed to place them in a field, clean then up and separate them by a carriage return.

However, the SUM function does not give me the sum but a single line with all the values as it was a text. (see attachment.

the 2 involved fields are set as NUMBER and I can't figure out what is wrong here.

It seems FM don't see the carriage returns as repetitions but as a unique value (or list). If that so, is there any way to sum a list of values like in this case?

Thank you for any suggestion!


(FMP11 on FMS11 - Win and Mac)