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Sum of calculated fields in a filtered portal - blank!

Question asked by MartinShippey on Apr 1, 2014
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Sum of calculated fields in a filtered portal - blank!




     I am trying to create a Statement which shows unpaid invoices (including partly paid invoices) listed in a portal.

     The layout is based on the Customer table, with invoices from the related Invoices table being listed in the portal, related by account number.

     Each portal row consists of the details of the invoice including a calculated field which shows, after any part payment against that invoice, the outstanding balance (this is part of the Invoice table).

     The Statement portal filters out any invoice which has a zero outstanding balance.

     Although each row contains the amount outstanding against any invoice, I want to include a field on the Statement which give the total outstanding balance if more than one invoice is unpaid.

     I have created a 'Statement Total' field with the calculation Sum (Invoices : : Balance Outstanding) scenario a *million* times - it just remains empty.

     What am I doing wrong?