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Sum of Numerals Within a Field

Question asked by Jmcl07 on Jul 31, 2012
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Sum of Numerals Within a Field


Hi Guys,

I am a scorer for horse events, and new to Filemaker Pro. I wanted to know if it is possible sum mutiple numerals within one field. In competitions we get dressage tests with many marks for movements and it would be easier to enter and total these marks in one field. Others have been able to do this on access but I cant as I use a mac so I am trying to make my own DB. 

The situation is that we will receive a test with many marks that we would put in eg 767675489 and the access would give a total of these numbers. It also took into account some scores which needed to be doubled, eg score 2 needs to be doubled so 5455 would give a total of 23. It was also able to consider Half marks where a + was put after a number to add an extra 0.5, eg 5555+ would give a total of 20.5

Is this posible to achieve in Filemaker Pro?

Thanks for your help :)