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Sum of records outside the self-join.

Question asked by ABin on Jul 15, 2013
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Sum of records outside the self-join.


     Hi All, 


     I would appreciate an insight in this 


     I have a table Transaction with the following fields


     Opening Balance (Global)

     Past Opening Balance (Calculated)

     Transaction Value

     Date From (Global)

     Date To (Global)

     InRange (Calculated ) 

     MATCH_IN_RANGE ( Global = IN RANGE )

     -- What happens if the the user selects a date range value the "In Range" calculated fields upon a self join becomes IN RANGE and values that fall in the range appear. 


     I already have the system opening balance stored in "Opening balance". What I would like to have is Past Opening balance to calculate opening balance upto the Date FROM. 


     I tried a self join again using a match for transaction occuring before Date From. But it did not work. 


     Thanks in advance.