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Sum of summaries from related table

Question asked by otto_m on Oct 9, 2012
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Sum of summaries from related table



     In order to keep track of jobs of individual employees for a given period, I use these fields:

     HRSWEEK (Number)
     FACTOR (Unstored calculation (Case function to accommodate different activities and seniority))
     WEEKS (Number from related table)
     EMP (unique employee ID) 

     EARN (is the result of  HRSWEEK * WEEKS * FACTOR * 80 (the current hourly rate)). This works fine for each individual job.

     EARNSUM (Total of EARN (running with restart when sorted by EMP)) - This works fine in an overview of all employees.

     Now my problem is that I need to keep a separate file for each period, and I need a field that is the sum of EARNSUM of the previous file and the current file.

     I tried to create a new field using Sum (EARNSUM ; Q2::EARNSUM), but the calculation is way off.

     I also tried GetSummary for both, but it does not yield the correct result either.

     What do I need to do to get a correct sum of the Totals of both the current and the previous file?

     As always, thanks in advance for your assistance,