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Sum of total inventory

Question asked by MartijnvR on Jun 24, 2011
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Sum of total inventory


Hi there,

Im developing a simple inventory database. I thought of a setup like this;

3 tables: - Used materials, - Bought materials and -Status.

In the table Used materials the amount of materials used will be imported from Excel files.

In the table Bought materials I will manually put in the materials bought.

And in the table Status the information about the current invenotry status. For example if the filters are almoste all used, adn we have only 1 box left, a script will make sure a message will pop up like 'Buy new filters'. Those scripts and layouts are all fixed, but here is the thing.

I need to make a Total (sum) of all the productes used in the Used materials table. The import process will make a record for each project and the materials used on that project. But we have a shitload of projects so alot of records aswell. But the only info I need is the sum of all those materials used, export those in the 'Status table' and make a Calc like 'Bought filters - Used filters' which will give a number.

This number will be used in the status calc; if filters left < 10 ; Order new filters!

So the main problem is the sum of all those used materials.

Anyone a solution?

Thanks in advance.