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Sum of unstored field for multiple related records

Question asked by c.w. on Aug 8, 2011
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Sum of unstored field for multiple related records


How do I sum an unstored field for multiple related records?

I have a database for all of my work's projects (each is one record), and a portal in each project that allows us to record the date, activity and total time for every activity for the project. For each of these projects, I have a field with the sum of both the total time into the project, and the amount of time into the project for the current month. For one client (with whom we have muiltiple projects every month), I would like to keep a running total of the time put into all of their projects each month. This would be, essentially, finding all of the projects for this client, then adding together the numbers in unstored field that gives the current total time for the month. (This number would change as more time is put into the various project for this client, it would be an unstored total visible on every project/record.)

For the love of dog, how do I do this?