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Sum portal data results after record search.

Question asked by Jigzat on Mar 29, 2010
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Sum portal data results after record search.


Hello again everyone, I apologize for my first post, now I know I was asking too much but it was the result of the panic. I have a more straight question now.


First I have in my database one table named "Holdings" and it has data from a related table named "persons" and "Departments" each registry has a mix between an owner and a renter that is taken from the Persons table and a department from the "Department" table.


Second I have a table named "Dues" each registry represent a monthly fee and is linked to a "Holding". I want to create a layout that shows active (unpaid) "dues" discriminated by "holding".


Since I don't wanted to create another table for that I created a layout based on the Holding table with a portal that displays data from the Dues table. The search part was easy, I created an script that performs a search of dues that doesn't have a pay date but the problem is I haven't figured out how to sum the result of the find script and only show active dues in the portal.


Can someone please help me with that?



This is the database


is in spanish by the way


Tenencias = Holdings 

Apartamentos = Departments 

Cartera = Dues

Personas = Persons