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SUM Script Help

Question asked by RobertA on Jan 12, 2012
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SUM Script Help


Hey Guys!

Back again, with another question...

The goal that I am atempting to acheive today is a sumation script that adds up all volumes that are being pulled through a portal.  I have a basic understanding of how the SUM script works, but am unsure about how to get this scrip working with a portal....

here is what i have thus far...(not much)


1) I have x2 fields that are titled Volume Sum and Volume

2) i have a calculation that SUM(Volume) 

3) This script correctly sums everything in the Volume field and spits it out in the Volume Sum field. 

4) i then put the volume sum field into the first row of the portal so that it pulls through multiple records.

5) It correctly displays the total volume sum per item in the portal...

6) HOW DO I SUM THE PORTAL ROW and have it spit out a TOTAL SUM per portal field?


Thank you all for your help!!