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    Sum up amounts which are unchecked



      Sum up amounts which are unchecked


      I have made a table with my credit card payments. I transfer money from my checking account to my cc account once a month. The amount I pay is the amount of the total of the payments of that particular month. To know which amount still have to be payed I added a button to my table which is checked as soon as the amount of the payment has been transferred from checking account to my credit card. So if I am planning on doing a new payment I have to add up the unchecked amounts. Now this last bit I want Filemaker to do for me. I want a field somewhere in a (separate table?) which adds up the unchecked amounts from my table.

      So I imagine constructing a form which show only the unchecked amounts and adds them. But I really don't have a clue how I can make such a form, table or field. Obviously I can search for unchecked records within Filemaker but how can I make Filemaker to sum up all corresponding amounts?

      Can anyone point me into the right direction?


      Any help is really appreciated. 

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          Use a summary field in the table (credit card payments) defined as Sum (Credit card payments::Amount [or whichever field defines the amount for any individual payment]).

          You can perform a find (omit) for the 'checked' value in your 'check' field. Your Sum field (if you've placed it on a layout) should now sum  the amounts for the found set (all unchecked).

          A layout designed for list view may suit your needs. If you include a sub summary part you can place your summary field in it. Remember you will have to sort the records to see your sub summary part and it will have to be defined as being sorted by one of the fields you sort the records by.

          You may need to automate the 'check' process on the click of your button - see Set Field and Loop script steps.

          Hope that is helpful,


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            Thanks for your help. It's really appreciated. I have added a summary field. The problem I run into now is how to search for unchecked records. If I leave the radio button unchecked Filemaker tells me to enter valid search criteria. I can search on checked records obviously, but how to search for unchecked records when having to leave all remaining fields empty as well because the unchecked field is the only search criteria I need.


            Edit: I found it. I can search for checked records and leave them out of the search resulting in all unchecked records.


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              Hi Maurice,

              Yes you can select find or omit for any 'perform find'.

              The following forum post on finds was provided by PhilModJunk and may be helpful

              Scripted Find Examples