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Sum(distinct) equivalent question

Question asked by IvanKunijevic on Nov 23, 2012
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Sum(distinct) equivalent question


when I am creating relationships in a new table called shipping what should the  fileds be named in  shiping tabel so I can make this relationship... shiping dates ID in the shiping table and also which ones to relate do Line items table and invoice one. ?

I am trying to folow your advice. below


     InvoicesByShippingDate and LineItemsBYShippingDate would be new occurrences of the invoices and line items tables.

     Invoices::anyField X ShippingDates::any field
     ShippingDates::DateShipped = InvoicesByShippingDate::Ship Date
     InvoicesByShippingDate::InvoiceID = LineItemsBySHippingDate::InvoiceID