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sum(filtered portal) difficulty

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 2, 2012
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sum(filtered portal) difficulty




GOAL: more than one person may share same time on same ToDo event

... one "laborers" field with multiple entries helps conserve screenscape … 

I want to select , view and resolve total hours for selected person … for further processing.


It's the Sum(filtered values being displayed) that’s go me stumped?


yes > I have placed SUM(c_TimeTotal) within single line portal with same filter without success.



2- tables        PAYCHECK [X] TODO 


table PAYCHECK  field :

Payee_Key > text- global,by valuelist (employee ids)


table TODO fields;

laborers          text-indexed {multiple values can be selected into this field via drop down list> valuelist(employee ids)}

timeStart        time

timeEnd         time

c_TimeTotal(Case (IsEmpty(TimeEnd) or IsEmpty(TimeStart);"";TimeEnd-TimeStart)

c_isTime(Case ( TimeTotal=""; 0;1))

c_isPayee_Key(PatternCount (laborers; paychecks_::PayeeKey  ) ≠ ""



PROBLEM: I'm viewing TODO portal

 individual laborer is selected for viewing by selecting Payee_Key via valuelist = valid employee id


TODO filter:      ( todo_filtered::c_isPayee_key=1 and todo_filtered::c_isTime=1)

                               a valid payee id              and        total time ≠ ""        



"labor Portal" Shows  TODO records with selected payee_key as anticipated but I can't seem to be able to display total for shown records.

I've tried to SUM(c_TimeTotal)  presuming displayed values would be tallied (as with typical listed "find result")

also  I have placed SUM(c_TimeTotal) within single line portal with same filterand with no portal .

odd numbers result?