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           Hello Filemaker Freinds December 10, 2012

           I am still having trouble developing, or using any function in Filemaker, that allows the summation of a sinlge Field

           that sums all records within that field, and returns a reliable result. that can be used accross several different tables or

           portals, I have a table A with records holding single numerical values, I would like to be able to Sum all of those values in each record in a specific field, and make that value available in other Tables or Portals,

           I have tried using Sum(RepeatingField) but Filemaker returns the error unrecognized function.

           also of grave concern, is Why does Filemaker prevent the creation of a Summary Field from another Tables Occurances?

           the only place the definition Summary Field  works in is the current Table of its definition, why cann't Summary be used to reference other Tables or Table Occurances?

           The same with the definition of a Number Field with an AutoEnter Lookup selection, the only table that is allowed to for the lookup begins with the initial Table, and then references another Table Occurance, why not allow the Intial Table be any Table Occurance?

           sincerely Hugh 

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               I would guess that "repeatingfield" was your unrecognized function.

               Summing a repeating field is not an option you want to use for this. A repeating field refers to a legacy feature of FileMaker that pre-dates Filemaker serving as a relational database. Repeating fields still have a few uses, but this isn't one of them.

               Summary fields compute an aggregate value--such as a total over a set of records. How you implement this feature determines what set of records will be totaled.

               If you place a summary field on a layout for the same table as you have defined the summary field, it computes a total based on either the found set or a sub set of that found set produced by sorting the records into groups.

               If you place a summary field from a related table on your layout, it will show the total based on what records are related to the current record in your table.

               and there are other ways to use a summary field within a filtered portal, but let's not go there just yet.

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                 Hello PhilModJunk

                 ok I get you, we no longer have RepetingField in Filemaker

                 the only problem that  I'm having is with trying to implement in getting  Summary Field to access across Table Occurances.

                 I have begun another approach that seems more sensible for my Application

                 I am trying to redo one of your Starter Databases

                 The problem I am encountering is in the Scripting,  When I change a Table and its Fields for example I want to Change

                 ProductsTable to Potatoes Table  and the ProductIDkey to a PotatoeIDKey  as an example

                 the problem I am having is trying to chase down all the scripting references to Product and ProductIDKey

                 and I would have thought that since I changed a Table Name and a Field Name I guess I just assumed that all references to the Table and Field

                 would be changed in all the scripting and Layouts and calculations, that reference them. but it doesn't , or at least not completely, and I can understand having to change text on labels and buttons and what not. but it is a lot of work.

                 whats disturbing is trying to decide wether I have chased down all occurance changes that need to be accomplished

                 but all and all the Starter Databases appear to be useful.

                 Let me try that approach for awhile


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                        we no longer have RepetingField in Filemaker

                   But we do have repeating fields, they just are rarely the best option and won't do want you wanted here.


                        I am trying to redo one of your Starter Databases

                   Why do you insist on saying "Your"? They aren't my starter solutions, I don't work for FileMaker. I am just a fellow user of their products.

                   Changing the name of a field or table, will cause an automatic update of the field names, and also the table names, but only the table occurrence names that exactly match a table name will update to show the new name.

                   Remember that tutorial on table occurrences? When you see this in a script or calcualtion: Invoice::InvoiceDate, "invoice" is a table occurrence name. It's not the table name. Except for when they match the table name, these names can't and shouldn't change when you change a table's name in Manage | Database | Fields.

                   On the other hand, if you select a different table occurrence for a layout, in "Show Records From" on layout setup, the field objects on your layout will not automically change to refer to fields from the new occurrence.

                   Also, while you cannot define a summary field in Table A to summarize records in Table B, Aggregate Functions, such as Sum can be used for that purpose and you can refer to a summary field in Table B from the context of a record in Table A--but in both cases, the relationship between the two tables will determine what set of records in Table B will be used to compute that summary (aggregate) value.