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Question asked by HughVon987654321 on Dec 10, 2012
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     Hello Filemaker Freinds December 10, 2012

     I am still having trouble developing, or using any function in Filemaker, that allows the summation of a sinlge Field

     that sums all records within that field, and returns a reliable result. that can be used accross several different tables or

     portals, I have a table A with records holding single numerical values, I would like to be able to Sum all of those values in each record in a specific field, and make that value available in other Tables or Portals,

     I have tried using Sum(RepeatingField) but Filemaker returns the error unrecognized function.

     also of grave concern, is Why does Filemaker prevent the creation of a Summary Field from another Tables Occurances?

     the only place the definition Summary Field  works in is the current Table of its definition, why cann't Summary be used to reference other Tables or Table Occurances?

     The same with the definition of a Number Field with an AutoEnter Lookup selection, the only table that is allowed to for the lookup begins with the initial Table, and then references another Table Occurance, why not allow the Intial Table be any Table Occurance?

     sincerely Hugh