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Summaries and Calculations based on Non-Current Found Records

Question asked by VanessaAnne on Apr 30, 2012
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Summaries and Calculations based on Non-Current Found Records



I have a layout that has an area in the grand trailing summary that is summing up the values entered into the layout for a few specific fields.  

A.  For 6 fields - each field is counting the occurrence of a unique value (category type) that shows up in a "category" field.  (The same "category" field has an option to display 6 different values or categories)

B.  There are also 6 other fields that each calculate the sum entered for the cost associated to the category field mentioned above.  So if Category type A is entered in twice, at a price of $1,000 and $2,000.  The total in the grand trailing summary would be $3,000. 

Right now, these calculations - both summaries and sums - are only counting the values in a current find.  

The problem is that I send out a daily report just for that day's "category" occurences and associated costs.  So everyday I do a find for the date, it brings up the values, and that is the only data in the body that goes in the report. 

But in the grand trailing summary, I need to report the "To Date" category occurrences and costs.  Therefore counting all of the records ever entered, even though I am not currently showing them in body. 

Is there a formula that isn't based on a current find?  

Sorry for the long winded explanation.  Hopefully it made sense to someone.  Thanks for your help in advance. 

I'm on FMP 11.