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Summaries and Portals

Question asked by brodlang on Feb 7, 2013
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Summaries and Portals


     I have a report with 3 portals. The records included in the first portal are selected by the user on a previous screen.  Therefore, only the records where the "Select" field is Y (yes) appear (are filtered "Y" in the "Select" field).  One of the fields is "Qty".  I've learned from this forum, that to get the correct sum of Qty for only the records filtered, I must create a second 1-record portal using the same filter and a summary field based on Qty.  This seems to be working OK.

     The 3rd portal list items related to the first portal and one of the 3rd portals fields is also Qty.  Another is QtyExtn.  QtyExtn is a calculated field of (Portal 3:Qty * Portal 1 QtySmmry).

     I'm sure you see where this is going..  I can't figure out how to get QtyExtn to be the result of of only the doors selected (Portal2:QtySmmry) and not all the related records including those not selected.    Seems like I'm missing something simple.  Any help, as usual, is much appreciated.