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Summaries based on value

Question asked by SandyHaaf on Feb 22, 2013
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Summaries based on value


     I have a table that has windspeed, rpm, current, and voltage.   What I want to do is create a summary report that will average RPM, Current, and Voltage based on the windspeed for a particular day.    I also need to count the number of times that the RPM, Current, & Voltage value goes above a specified value for each wind speed.

     So, basically for windspeed 4.5-5.5 the show the average of each of those values, plus a count of how many times it goes above a value.  Then again for windspeed 5.5-6.5, etc. all the way up to 39.5-40.5.

     I want the report to look something like this (so each row displays the summaries for that value):

                           RPM Ave     RPM Count     Voltage Ave    voltage count     Current Ave   Current Count  

     4.5-5.5              150             84                         142                 80                         1.5                  20

     5.5-6.5              162             55                         125                 99                          1.8                 46  

     6.5-7.5              142             11                         130                  22                          2.1                55  


     39.5-40.5         155             12                          147                  65                         1.2                 22 


     What would be the best way to accomplish this.  I'd appreciate any advice and guidance.