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    summaries of text value field



      summaries of text value field


      I would like to create a summary field from another field with multiple values. As an example, say I have a field titled "fruit" and list apple, orange and pear as the value options. I then input my entries indicating the selection for one of these fruits in each of the entries. How do I then set up a summary field calculating how many apples, oranges and pears I'll need, based on the response in the fruit field?

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          I'm assuming you want a report that reads:

          Apples 3

          Apricots 4

          Cherries 5


          Which will tell the reader that you have 3 records with Apples, 4 records with apricots....


          If that is the case, define two more fields for your database table:

          cNumber: A calculation expression that simply returns the constant "1" as a number

          FruitCount: A Summary field that reports the total of cNumber


          In your report create a subsummary part that is visible when sorted by your fruit field. Remove the body report part.

          In the subsummary part place your fruit field and the above FruitCount field.


          When you sort your found set by the fruit field, the report will show the list I gave above.


          Hope that helps.