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Summarising a collected set of data by types

Question asked by OllySedden on Mar 21, 2013
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Summarising a collected set of data by types




     Ok, so here's the problem; 

     i've created a database that allows people to count the number of different types of furniture manufacturers in a room.


     The manufacturers are; 

     Manufacturer A

     Manufacturer B

     Manufacturer C

     Manufacturer D


     Now, the user goes through a whole building, entering data about these manufacturers from each room. At the end, they may have 200 rooms and each room may contain one or more of these different manufacturers (i.e. Room 1 could have 10 of Manufacturer A and 6 of Manufacturer D)..

     The user can then choose a replacement from Manufacturer E's catalogue to replace the various types of furniture they find...

     The end of my database gives them the function to export to excel. What i've really struggled with is to give the user a view at the end that says; ok... over your 200 rooms, you found 100 pieces of Manufacturer A's furniture, 64 of Manufacturer B's, etc.. and more crucially; you specified 195 chairs, 152 Tables, 100 Lamps, etc... from Manufacturer E to replace all that...


     Can anybody help? i've tried so many things but i'm still quite new to filemaker (in the grand scheme of things!) 


     any help would be really appreciated!