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    Summarising daily data into monthly and graphing.



      Summarising daily data into monthly and graphing.




      I have a section of my database that allows users to enter in the daily waste of DVD cases.


      I'd now like to summarise my daily waste into months so it can be graphed as "waste per month"


      I've tried a few different ideas but I'm struggling to find a solution.


      Any help on this would be amazing!




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          Presumably, each record includes a date field.

          You can add this calculation field, cMonth, to compute the date for the first day of the same month:

          Datefield - day ( datefield ) + 1

          You can now sort your records by cMonth to group your records by month in chronological order.

          If you do not already have one, add a summary field to this table that computes the "total of" your daily waste field.

          Now you can set up a chart where MonthName ( Datefield ) provides the labels for each bar and your summary field provides the Y axis values. Make sure to specify: "Use Data From Current Found Set" and "Show Data points from groups of records when sorted".

          Now you can control what data appears in this bar chart by controlling what records are in your found set and how they are sorted.