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    Summarising data



      Summarising data


      Hi, Am slowly going crazy here trying to solve this so would appreciate any tips/help in this.


      Have a database with a list of personnel, the specific year and month, and the hours worked. Want to try and list out, per person, the average hours worked in each of the years for which data is present. Will then use this to chart out. BUT have no idea in how to accomplish this. There are two tables - one with the employee ID and the other with employee iD, the year, month and the hours worked. The two tables are linked by the employee ID. 


      Am using FMA 11 on a mac os 10.6.4.



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          In the Table containing the Employee id, Year, and Hours worked, create a new Summary field which I'll call "Avg_Hours".  In the Options, set this to be an Average of the Hours Field.


          Next, Create a new layout, which i'll call 'Work History Report'. Choose "Columnar List/Report".

          Select "Report with Grouped Data".


          Select the Field you want to be displayed on the report, such as Employee_id, Year, Hours and the newly created Avg_Hours summary field.


          In the Organize Records by Category Options, set the report to be organized/grouped by your Employee_id Field first, then by Year.  The next window will allow you to select how you want your report to be sorted. 


          Proceed through the next windows and set any options you wish and select to view your report in Layout in Mode.


          Once in Layout Mode and viewing the 'Work History Report' layout, at the top of your menu, clickon Layout > Part Setup.  Click on CREATE , Subsumarry when sorted by "Employee_id".


          You will then be given the option to print the newly created Subsummary part above or below.  Select Below.


          Drag the 'Avg_Hours' Submarry field we created into the Subsummary part in your layout.



          So see the report, in Browse mode, Sort the records by Employee ID and by Year.


          Then Enter Preview Mode.


          **Please note, i'm not using FM11, so some options might slightly vary.




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            If you'd like to explore the possibilities of summary reports a bit further, here's a link to a simple tutorial on setting up summary reports that you may find useful:

            Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial