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Summarising data from Value lists

Question asked by on Apr 29, 2013
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Summarising data from Value lists


     Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle....

     I am an amateur Database fiddler and have setup an database for basically managing contacts/ clients. I want to be ablet o create summary reports and graphs for the data in the database.

     The issue I am facing is that I have a range or fields that are populated from drop down value lists (for example Age bracket). How do I go about summarising how many clients are in each of the age brackets defined in the value list ?

     I did find a way of doing it by creating an additional field for each possiblity (i.e. one for each age group on the value list) that adds a 1 and then couting up the 1's. This seems horribly innefficient and not ideal when there are many of these value lists and values to be summarised.

     Ultimately I want ot be able to graph some of these results but struggling to even get the raw data at this stage,

     Any help appreciated