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    Summarising portal data



      Summarising portal data


           I need some help, again. This is what I have at the moment. I have tables for Vessels, Oil Samples and Oil Sample Data (see attached pic). I have a layout based on Oil Samples and a portal in that layout linked to Oi Sample Data. In this portal, each row is an oil sample record for a piece of equipment, e.g. Main Engine Port , Gearbox etc. There are multiple oil sample batch records for each vessel as sampling is done on a regular basis.

           What I would like, is another portal that displays all the records for a single piece of equipment, e.g. Main Engine Port. I have no idea how I need to set up the tables and relationships though to make this work. Can someone please point me in the right direction?



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               Hi John,

               Create another TO of Oil Sample Data

               I assume a field in Oil Sample Data for Equipment

               Create a global field in Oil Samples (gEquipment)

               Link the new TO to Oil Samples by:

               SamplingSet = OilSampleData::Sampl Set   AND

               OilSample::gEquipment = OilSeampleData::Equipment


               Put the portal on your layout based on Oil Samples, and also the gEquipment field.  Base the portal on the new TO and use fields from the new TO.

               Now when you change the field "OilSamples::gEquipment", the related records will change and the portal will populate with the ones you want.

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                 Thanks Ninja! Works perfectly :D