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Summarize Data Intersecting between two different layouts.

Question asked by MattW_2 on Nov 3, 2014
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Summarize Data Intersecting between two different layouts.


I am a novice user of FileMaker Pro recently switched from Access as utilizing a Mac. I have two separate charts (Chart 1 and Chart 2) listed as individual layouts. Each one contains Customer Name (Linked in relationship), Facility, Transaction Type, and Transaction Date. I am trying to pull information for how many Customers had a transaction listed in Chart 2 at a specific facility within 30 days from their first transaction listed on Chart 1 at the same facility. Basically, I need a count by facility for how many customers had a transaction within 30 days or less from their original transaction date at facility within given month. I have tried multiple ways of pulling such information using FileMaker Pro as well as Excel incase I was over thinking the complexity. I have tried to utilize scripts, reports, portals, etc. but not having much luck (I am not very familiar with SQL writing and hope there is a more user friendly option). Any help would be greatly appreciated, included an