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    Summarizing a List



      Summarizing a List


           Need to summarizing a list of projects by showing the same project title info only once then list a series of records with the same project name but not repeating the project title info. Then for the next project title info once, with related detailed records. What would be simple way to do it, or a hard way to do it?

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               Can you describe how the data is set up in this table in more detail? Are the "related detail records" in the same table as the first record or in a related table?

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                 Phil, many thanks for your quick response.

                 Yes, all records are in the same table. Just need to list sorted/filtered records in a summarized format to report them togethern.

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                   I don't see anything "summarized" in your description.

                   While in layout mode, add a sub summary layout part "when sorted by Project Title".

                   Put the Project Title field in this sub summary layout part.

                   Put the "detail" fields for each of the records with this same project title in the body layout part.

                   Sort your records by Project Title to make the sub summary layout part appear as a "sub head" above each group of records with the same Project Title.

                   If you define summary fields in this table, you can add them to the sub summary layout part to show a subtotal based on all records in your found set with the same project title. Put the same fields in any other layout part and they'll show a grand total based on all the records in your current found set.

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                     Got it. Exactly what I need to learn about the "sub summary". Thank you very much.