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    Summarizing columns



      Summarizing columns


           How do I get the average of the grades to appear at the top of each column

           layout is sourced from table semester and sorted by semester::Year and semester::Semester

           Grades are displayed by portals with portal filter equal to the subject. I can get the averages for Year and Grade but how do I return averages for subjects for Year and Grade?




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               Is each column for a subject a portal  that shows data from the same field of different sets of records or does the data for the subject columns come from different fields in the same set of records?

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                 A record in the semester table has only one subject.  Probably doesn't matter but the records are created from the student table.  student 001

                 Example: Record 1   KeyID  001           Year 2014        Semester 2       Subject  Writing

                                 Record 2               001                   2014                        2                      Spelling

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                   Does that mean that you have one more field in that record for the grade?

                   Assuming that to be the case, you can define A summary field in the same table to compute the average Grade. You can then put that summary field in a filtered portal to show the average for just that semester and subject.

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                     Yes thats right, sorry I failed to mention that.

                     That doesn't seem to work for me. obviously I don't have something quite right. Heres what I have now

                     Table Semester = Table occurrence Semester2   with relationship being defined as fields Year, and Semester being equal to fields Year, and Semester and the the portal based from Semester::Semester2    then filter Semester2::Semester = "Math" ...

                     this seems to be working for the grades but not for the averages

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                            this seems to be working for the grades...

                       And what value "works for the grades"? is this a total or other calculation? how do you compute the grades?

                       And HOW doesn't it work? You don't get any value or you get a value, but not what you expected?

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                         after a more careful investigation I found the field in the portal was represent by the incorrect table occurrence. It works now.  Thanks for your time