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    Summarizing data



      Summarizing data


      Hi, I have an application with, among others, a batch production table, with several lines for different batches of the same product. Also an invoice where I need to have one line for each product, with the correct total, as summarised from the production table. I have written a script which finds and sorts the relevant records, and calculates totals, but it has erorrs: some products get lost, while others still finish up with multiple (fewer than in the prod table) lines. Is there a standard method that I should use?

      Thanks, Bill Groenestein

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          It depends on what you mean by a "line".

          Each such "line" should be a separate record. If that's what you have you can use summary fields with finds, sorts and a report layout that includes sub summary layout parts to get what you want. This can be done without any scripts, though a fairly simple script can be used to perform the find/sort/layout change to make it easier to pull up the desired reports.

          If each "line" is a repetition in a repeating fields or individual fields in the same record, then this becomes very difficult to do.

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            Hi Phil, Thanks for that. Yes, I should have said "records", I have had a play with reporting, and can do almost everything that I need, except suppressing individual product lines. I set up a report, then removed what I did not need, but it left me with an empty line for each individual record. How do Iget a compact reort?

            I have the following:

            docket no   Product name     no of trays   other details etc

            12345         product A            12

                               product A              3

                               product B              2

                               product B              3



            By using report system I can get:

            12345        Product A             15


                              Product B               5




            I want to finish up with:

            docket no    product name     no of trays

            12345          Product A            15

                                Product B              5



            Cheers, Bill G

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              Enter layout mode. Click the layout part label for the body and then press delete to delete it from your layout.