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Summarizing Data in a Table

Question asked by evanscl on Apr 1, 2014
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Summarizing Data in a Table


     See screenshot below. I want the sum of four fields (CorvidsReported, CorvidsTested, OtherReported, OtherTested) by County and EpiWeek. Each of the four fields is a calculation field (for example, CorvidsReported = GetSummary(TotalCorvidsReported; EpiWeek) so that each of the four fields is the sum by EpiWeek.

     When I create a layout and add the fields, the data are not being summarized appropriately. For example (see screenshot), "Beaufort County" in EpiWeek "42" is listed 3 times instead of just once as I wish it to do.

     Can you suggest the best way to summarize a field or fields based on multiple fields?