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Summarizing Fields for Report slow.

Question asked by ChristopherTan on Jul 14, 2013
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Summarizing Fields for Report slow.


     I have a solution for my business that does several types of sales. I now find that when I go to the report,  when I go to the  layout - yearly/monthly report the sort takes a few seconds but the summarizing of fields takes a few minutes. Is there a way of speeding it up?

     I recall somebody suggested that I make a separate table (?)  for each month, and then summarize that to speed things up. This makes sense as there's less records and fields to summarize.

     Can I have suggestions as to the preferred way to do this? To get the Get monthly Totals. And how would I get it to automatically generate a new record for each month and totalize the month?

     Been pondering for this for sometime. I'm not a full time Filemaker programmer, so I just program my Filemaker solution when I need to add/change things, so my terminology might be atrocious.