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Summarizing repeating fields

Question asked by filler on Feb 14, 2009
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Summarizing repeating fields


I know there are inherent problems with summarizing repeating fields, but thought I'd ask anyway.  Table 1 is names of people.  Table 2 is meetings and includes a repeating field containing several of the names from table 1.  Is there any way to create a preview report that summarizes the names of people (from table 1) with subsummary lists of all the meetings that person had?  The fundamental problem, it seems, is that repeating fields are subsummarized (and I guess summarized) by first repeated field only.  The rest of the records with matching person name in lower repeated field don't show up.  Therefore, right now I can only show what meetings a person attended if he is the first name in a repeating field.


A more difficult addendum to this question: I'd ideally like to define the layout ("show records from") under Table 2 so that I don't have to put the meeting info in a portal (since portal contents can't slide up).