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    Summarizing Repeating Fields



      Summarizing Repeating Fields


           I'm using FM Pro 11 Advanced.  I have an invoicing module with 6 repeating fields for Quantity, Line Item, and price and so on.  I look-up the Line Item from a Products file (30+ products), enter the Quantity and the rest of the invoice is calculated as expected. At the end of a period of time (day, Month, or whateverthat)  I choose, I want to count the quantity of each product that has been invoiced. Since any product may be listed on the invoice on any of the (6) repeating Line Item repeats, I'm uncertain how I can do this.

           Any Ideas out there?



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               Yes, please get rid of your repeating fields. Use a related table of "line items" instead. Then your summary report of items purchased becomes very easy to set up. WIth repeating fields, any such report will need a very complex design to get the same result.

               Take a look at the invoices starter solution that comes with Filemaker 11 or 12 to see working examples of how this can be set up with a portal for entering the purchased line items on an invoice layout.

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                 OK.  Thanks Phil.  I'll change over


                 BTW I am using "fill Colors: for the "parts" instead of drawing boxes & designation a fill color.  The visual effect is the same, but can I elect not to print the fill color (wastes ink) ?



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                   Hey Jan,

                   Normally speaking you would have one layout that you use for data entry and another layout that's optimized for printing.

                   Some people make layouts optimized for printing and use them for data entry but that's a real bad idea.

                   If you have a separate layout for printing than you can do with your fill colors what you want. Probably just omit them on the print layout.