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    Summary "Total Of" Excluding Negative Values?



      Summary "Total Of" Excluding Negative Values?



           I need a summary field which will add up the total of field #2 for all records. The problem is, #2 has some negative and some positive values throughout the record set, but I need the summary field to add up only the positive values, ignoring any negative values for the calculation. I appreciate any help!


           Also, I understand that I will probably have to make this a calculation field to get this result.

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               It's a matter of context.

               A summary field placed on a layout based on the same table in which it is defined computes a total based on the current found set. Thus, you can get your total if you perform a find that excludes the negative values.

               Or you can refer to this same summary field from a related table and if the relationship excludes the negatives, you'll get your table.

               And a relationship that matches to all records can produce this total if you put the summary field in a one row filtered portal where the portal filter excludes the negatives.

               Or you can set up a calculation field such as: IF ( Field #2 > 0 ; Field #2 ) and then you can use a summary field to compute the total of this calculation field.