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Summary - What would be the smartest way?

Question asked by DannyAccola on Jan 30, 2012
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Summary - What would be the smartest way?


... and my project goes on ... now i have the possibility to file orders with each client and i'm preparing to send out a proper order confirmation to the client.. so far so good ... now to my question.

for each <style> various and unique <colors> are available ... which would be the smartest way to summarize the order for each style? ... like

<item a> <style a> ordered in <color1222> <color2765> <color4111> 
<item a> <style b> ordered only in <color1122>
<item a> <style c> ordered in <color1343> <color8945>

and so on ... i have a grand total of <units> and a grand total <value> for the entire order ...
and i would also give the client a good overview about what he bought ... how can i summarize a total of how many <items> he actually bought ... 

thank you very much ... you guys make this project fun .. and a special thank you to philmodjunk who helped a lot